In August of 2012, four of us headed to Wolf Lake with the goal of making a time lapse film showcasing the area’s natural beauty; specifically the old-growth red pine. 9 months later and sifting through thousands of images, we released a short video hoping it would help sway the provincial government to offer permanent protection for this backcountry gem.

Joel (left) and I set up a couple different camera angles to shoot this waterfall flowing into Wolf Lake. Note the logging bridge at the top of the falls.

Unfortunately the government decided against allowing mining leases to lapse which would have rolled the world’s largest stand of old growth red pine into the existing (and surrounding) Chiniguchi Waterway Park. However, this has not changed our resolve to have this amazing forest preserved.

Today we return to Wolf Lake with a similar goal of visually documenting the forest and amazing landscape in order to build awareness and expose the public to the very real threat this incredible natural resource is under and to push for its protection in the near future.