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North Bay and Sudbury, June 10, 2014 – The Wolf Lake Coalition is pleased with the responses to its outreach to candidates in the upcoming provincial election. The Coalition of 30 businesses and organizations asked candidates in Nickel Belt, Sudbury and Timiskaming-Cochrane whether they and their party would support full protection for the Wolf Lake Forest – the largest remaining stand of old growth pine left anywhere in the world. Three in-person meetings with four (3 NDP, 1 Liberal) prominent candidates provided opportunities to further explore their awareness of Wolf Lake and commitment to protect it.

France Gélinas (NDP, Nickel Belt), Joe Cimino (NDP, Sudbury), and Casey Lalonde (Green, Sudbury) indicated their support for working with all stakeholders, as well as others in government, to move forward on solutions to protect Wolf Lake. In addition, Sébastien Goyer (Liberal, Timiskaming-Cochrane), and John Vanthof (NDP, Timiskaming-Cochrane) committed to on going discussions within caucus and with all stakeholders.

No responses were received from party leaders indicating some more work needs to be done to ensure supportive local MPPs will have the backing of their party to move forward in a timely manner.

Wolf Lake forest, located in Greater Sudbury, is part of the Temagami region renowned for its forests, lakes, wildlife and diverse recreational and ecotourism opportunities. Though slated to become part of a network of protected areas, mineral claims and leases have blocked the transfer of the lands into the park system. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines has failed to seize past opportunities to let the claims and leases expire, as promised.

“The time is now to protect this unique old growth forest,” declared Naomi Grant, member of the Wolf Lake Coalition.

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