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Partner with us as we advocate for expanded and permanent preservation of the old growth forest surrounding Wolf Lake. Spread the word about this unique and irreplaceable ecological gem within your own personal communities, and on social media (#WolfLakeWednesday on Twitter).

To help protect Wolf Lake now, consider our letter writing campaign below. We have provided the letter and will take care of the logistics. Have your voice heard by the political leaders of Ontario!

Please contact us if you would like to learn more, or contribute in another capacity.

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Dear Premier Kathleen Wynne, and provincial party leaders Patrick Brown, Andrea Horwath, and Mike Schreiner, I write to you with deep concern that renewed mining leases in the wilderness area surrounding Wolf Lake threatens one of the largest remaining old-growth forests in North America. Please commit to permanently protecting this unique and irreplaceable ecological gem. Located in the southwestern area of the greater Temagami area and 50km northeast of Sudbury, Wolf Lake is surrounded by the world’s largest known contiguous ancient red pine forest. As part of the Chiniguchi Waterway, Wolf Lake is recognized for its popular backcountry canoe routes and recreational opportunities. The old-growth red pines found in this area are part of a critically endangered ecosystem that is estimated to remain on only 1.2% of its original range. Wolf Lake remains continually at risk because it is designated as holding “forest reserve” status, which prohibits logging but not mineral exploration or mining. In 1999 the Government of Ontario committed to protect this area of old-growth forest, however mining claims and leases surrounding Wolf Lake prevented its inclusion in the newly created Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park. Despite holding this “park-in-waiting” status for more than 15 years, the Government of Ontario continues to allow mining activity in the heart of old-growth forest. As a result, the ancient forest surrounding Wolf Lake is in a constant state of desecration and fragmentation. Mining exploration introduces serious risk and environmental stressors on the ecosystem, threatening the crucial role Wolf Lake plays as an integral component of the entire Chiniguchi waterway corridor. I urge you and your colleagues in the provincial legislature to provide environmental protection for the full Wolf Lake old-growth forest area, and ensure that mining activity does not degrade this special place. Thank you for your consideration.